Always dreaming will form a will, there will be a will. We still have a lot of poor students who are silently struggling to make a living to nurture their dream of going to school. Stemming from that criterion, TU TAM COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE EDUCATION CENTER with its mission for the community, together built the Project “DO NOT TURN AWAY” to energize and create the right motivation. At the right time for them to have the initial fulcrum to make their future luggage to fulfill that noble dream.
5-year plan with 1000 students supported tuition fees and the necessary conditions to go to school with a sustainable and long time.
Pilot the first year with 250 sponsored students. Support level: VND 01 million/child/month

You can give a child living in a poor community the chance to be a child full of faith and hope. With 1,000,000 VND/ month. You can sponsor a poor child and give this child a chance to change his life for the better. Your sponsorship shares tuition, travel, uniforms, books, food and medical care. The sponsored children often want to write letters to the Sponsors – And we will keep you informed about the child you are sponsoring if you would like to be notified.
As a Monthly Sponsor, You will help rescue a boy or girl from childhood enemies – hunger, disease, poverty, and no access to education. You will respond to urgent material needs and provide hope for a brighter future.
When You sponsor a child to school, You are embracing that child’s future. You make the country a better place for that child.
The golden heart of a benefactor, or an Organization that helps a poor child that we do not know, close relatives is a cherished and honored act in our lives.
Because of the love for children and especially the less fortunate children, growing up in families with many financial difficulties even when they were still in their childhood …
TEC CENTER with the mission of implementing the project “DO NOT TURN AWAY” hope we will change. Join us with our mission to help improve the future of our children.

Nutritious foods: You feed your child a full meal at home along with providing nutritional support to the child’s family.
Medical care: You give your child access to safe, clean water near home.
Education and school supplies: you send your child to school and hope for the future instead of working for food.
Livelihoods: Through sponsorship, you help parents find new ways to support families.
Essential vitamins, and more!

– Photos and important information about your sponsored child.
– Channel communicating with the child via
– Regular updates on children’s health as well as annual academic results.


HEALTH: Our health plan focuses on two important things:
1. Develop healthy living habits.
2. Connecting children to services when they need help.
Health problems are often a factor that causes families to fall into poverty. Plus the conditions many kids face make them more susceptible to health problems. By investing in health, you are helping children build a future for themselves.

EDUCATION: Going to school – and not dropping out – is absolutely essential to building a future out of poverty. By helping children finish high school, they are in a much better position to take advantage of opportunities and find future jobs.

AUTHORIZE: In many of our sponsored children’s communities, it’s easy to see why children can be thrown into hopelessness, feeling like their choices cannot make up for it. different. To make the journey out of poverty, children need to first believe that it is possible to escape and that they have strength in the future. With your help, they will overcome that hopelessness and become empowered citizens with effective life skills – skills that have a real impact on addressing poverty for themselves. and family.

JOB: That means kids need to grow up to have the skills employers demand. And with the benefits of other skills gained through our programs focused on education and empowerment, they’re on a good path. But much more remains to be done. Connect with work, find scholarships for college or vocational training – focus on skills development to help them change their lives for the good.


Do not turn away